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Mathilda, a young girl who has been turned into a robot and the main character of Math Ascension

What is Math Ascension?

It's a learning video game. The main character is Mathilda, a young girl who, along with her brother, has been turned into a robot by the bad guy, Rob. To become human again, Mathilda goes on an adventure with her friends to Calculuseum where she is put to the test by the Gladiators' Guild through quick-fire multiplication battles.

Why Math Ascension?

To help combat math anxiety. 60% of school pupils feel anxious about math and, according to PISA 2012, girls are 20% worse affected than boys. This fear has been linked to children falling behind at school by almost a year.
We think that this needs to change, so we decided to take action. We made a game that builds up children's confidence and strengthens their multiplication and mental math skills – skills that are often lacking.

At school, learning multiplication tables is a must because they are a stepping stone in the automation of calculations. Since learning multiplication tables is essentially memorization, many students do not learn them well enough. When this is the case, they struggle with subsequent learning that requires knowledge of multiplication tables. That’s because as their working memory is partly occupied recalling the result of the multiplication.

Better automation of this process lessens the child's cognitive load and makes it easier for them to learn throughout the rest of their time at school.
It's with this goal in mind, and to make math seem less scary, that we developed Math Ascension.

Granny Kano, an elderly mechanic who helps Mathilda

Why choose Math Ascension?

Math Ascension offers a different, visual and tangible way to learn math, using blocks to represent multiplications and other sums. Children who struggle with multiplication and still rely on counting can simply count the number of bricks that make up the block. However, as the blocks grow larger, and the child's opponent advances more quickly than them, the child is forced to opt for true multiplication.

For children with a higher level in math, the game also includes more complex optional calculations such as larger multiplications or adding and subtracting multiplications. These challenges encourage the child to use more complex calculation strategies to tackle larger numbers and deal with mental math sums like 2×3+3×4.

To keep the child within their zone of proximal development the game constantly adapts to their progress. In each exercise, the child has to complete three more challenging calculations and some easier ones. The child’s opponents also progress to match their level.

Glarry, a quite zany member of the Gladiators' Guild

Who is Math Ascension for?

Children can play Math Ascension from when they begin to learn multiplication in class (so from around 8 years old). The game was designed to accommodate all different ability levels in math.

An image of a complex calculation, in this case 10x10-4x8÷2

Math Ascension at school

This learning tool was designed by educational and video game professionals, and has the seal of approval of a number of educational researchers at the University of Geneva. It is fully aligned with the curricula of all modern education systems, and is well-suited for use in class.

Math Ascension covers a number of the learning objectives of the Plan d’Étude Romand, the school curriculum of French-speaking Switzerland. These include:

  • Memorizing the multiplication tables from 0×0 to 12×12
  • Using appropriate calculation tools, such as mental math and memory
Mathilda with her math wand drawn, ready to calculate

Do you need the latest tablet to play?

No. We’ve made sure that Math Ascension can work on most devices (tablets, smartphones and computers of all kinds).
So the game can be played for years without any risk of hardware limitations.

Is Math Ascension a game for everyone?

In addition to being a great learning tool, Math Ascension, was designed according to the ethical commitments of our studio.

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8 years and above
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