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January 2023 for schools / Mid-2023 for individuals

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Math Ascension is a tower-building educational video game. The main character is Mathilda, a young girl who, along with her brother, has been turned into a robot by the bad guy, Rob. To become human again, Mathilda goes on an adventure with her friends to the Calculuseum where she is put to the test by the Gladiators' Guild through quick-fire multiplication battles.


Why this game ?

To help combat math anxiety. 60% of school pupils feel anxious about math and, according to the 2012 PISA study, girls are 20% worse affected than boys. This fear has been linked to children falling behind in math by almost a year. We think that this needs to change, so we decided to take action. We made a game that builds up children's confidence and strengthens skills that are often lacking – multiplication and mental math.

Early history

In its early days, Math Ascension already featured tower building against the computer. Back then, there was only one opponent, 3 available bonuses - and that’s it! Since 2019, the challenge has been to add a little more depth and complexity to the universe and the game mechanics. So we started to write the story of the game, fifty or so pages detailing an epic quest to track down the evil scientist who turned Mathilda and her brother into robots.

A more pragmatic approach

Since 2021, however, we have rethought the scale of the Math Ascension universe, and all of the action now takes place in the Calculuseum. The game mechanics have really benefited from this – the game now has a whole series of layers that help children learn multiplication.

And now

In late 2022, Math Ascension made its debut in schools. Some tools for teachers are being added to allow them to tailor the game to each pupil, limit screen time, and get an overview of the class’s progress. Soon, the game will be available to individuals as an app on the App Store and the Play Store. This will allow kids to continue learning at home using an age-appropriate video game.


  • Math Ascension offers a different, visual and tangible way to learn math, using blocks to represent multiplications and other mathematical operations.
  • The game automatically adapts to the child's difficulties. It presents them with a mix of multiplications they find more challenging and easier ones, ensuring that they gain confidence in their ability and make real progress.
  • You can collect bonuses to build your tower faster or destroy your opponent's tower. As you use them, your bonuses evolve and become ever more fearsome!
  • Several gladiators live in the Calculuseum, each with their own powers. Fight them all to gain enough mathematical mastery to finally light the Crystar at the top of the Calculuseum.
  • Our game allows you to personalize the way you play: earn new outfits and customize your powers and bonuses.
  • Math Ascension is approved and used by many education professionals. It is fully aligned with the curricula of all modern school systems and is well suited for use in class or at home.


Math Ascension - Trailer YouTube

Preview of Math Ascension YouTube


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Monetization Permission

Pestorosso Games allows for the contents of Math Ascension to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Math Ascension is legally & explicitly allowed by Pestorosso Games. This permission can be found in writing at http://pestorosso.com/press/sheet.php?p=Math_Ascension.

PISA study on math anxiety
Available at the OECD iLibrary https:.

About Pestorosso Games

Pestorosso Games is an independent Swiss video game studio based in Geneva. Its mission is to create games that help young people learn in school and acquire social skills such as cooperation and communication.

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