About us

Pestorosso Games is a Swiss video game studio. Its origins go back to 2019 with the meeting of six experts in education, video games and design. We think that educational video games have great potential to help children learn, so we decided to make the medium our own.

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Our mission

We are committed to using our multidisciplinary skills to create games that help young people learn in school and acquire social skills such as cooperation and communication.

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Bringing together gaming and learning

Our games support learning, but are first and foremost games. So children playing the game learn while having fun, heightening their interest in education and helping them learn more effectively.

Our promise to you

Our priority is to protect our users. That's why we are commited to using data in a responsible and ethical way.

We collect data for the sole purpose of improving children's learning experience and enjoyment of our games. Data collected will never be sold or lent to third parties, not will it be used for advertising.

Our games are developed entirely in Switzerland. That's also where our data is hosted.

Meet our team

Photo of Robin Petermann

Robin Petermann

Robin is the co-founder of Pestorosso games. He originally trained as a primary school teacher and works as a techno-pedagogical engineer at the University of Geneva. He is the team's education expert, game designer and developer.

Photo of Lúcia Ribeiro

Lúcia Ribeiro

Co-founder of Pestrorosso Games, Lúcia is the studio's graphic and UI/UX designer. She works mainly on game interfaces, 2D vector graphics, and creating visual materials.

Photo of Damyan Kristof

Damyan Kristof

Damyan is a game designer and trained graphic artist. He is our creative director, scriptwriter and character animator. He created the concept of the Math Ascension world and wrote the story to work with the mechanics of the game.

Photo of Diego Graham

Diego Graham

Diego is our 2D artist. He is a trained illustrator and 3D modeler. Through his creativity, he was able to bring the atmosphere of the game to life.

Photo of Alex Schuhmann

Alex Schuhmann

Alex is our project manager. Trained in game design and an expert in organization, he manages our production schedule and coordinates the individual tasks of the team.

Photo of David Schiess

David Schiess

David is our composer and sound designer. Former guitar teacher and musician by trade, he brings a note of harmony to our games and our team.

Learn about Math Ascension, our multiplication game

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